Designed by John Winters
Burks Falls, Ontario

Barracuda Dimensions
Overall Length17.25'
Waterline Length16.75'
Maximum Beam28"
Waterline Beam24.4"
Bow Height14.5"
Centre Depth10"
Stern Height11.4"
Bow Rocker2"
Stern Rocker1.3"
Freeboard @ 210 lbs7"

The Barraucuda

"The Barracuda was originally commissioned for a strong paddler who wanted the speed of a solo marathon racer but more maneuverability and seaworthiness to allow a more varied paddling experience. This is not a boat for novices. A good sit-and-switch style of paddling will really make this boat fly but its narrow waterline beam will keep you on your toes.

The original boat had a knuckle near the sheer (ala Osprey) but that proved difficult to plank for amateur builders so I replaced the knuckle with a strong tumblehome. Narrow planks along this area will be needed but the benefits in paddling far outweigh any building difficulties. A 1" vertical strip along the sheer makes installing the rubrails simpler. The original builder was obsessed with light weight, left off the outwales and rolled the hull in to make a super light inwale. I don't recommend this unless you are very, very patient as the inwale has to be shaped perfectly to get proper strength.

A sliding seat is almost essential in this boat. It should allow seating from station 8.25 at the most forward position to Station 9.0 at the aftermost position.

You won't be able to race this boat as it is too narrow to fit marathon rules. I don't think, you will mind though. The best part of paddling Barracuda has nothing to do with competition and a lot to do with just plain fast paddling and maybe even some lightweight tripping."

... John Winters.

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