Designed by John Winters
Burks Falls, Ontario

Quetico Dimensions
Overall Length18'4"
Waterline Length17'10"
Gunwale Width35"
Waterline Width33"
Bow Height22-1/4"
Centre Depth13-1/2"
Stern Height18-1/8"
Bow Rocker3-1/2"
Stern Rocker2-1/4"
Freeboard @ 550 lbs.8-5/8"

The Quetico

The Quetico is a big, versatile open water boat for people who travel long distances with heavy loads. John Winters has given the boat a lot of rocker to make turning easier than normal for such a long boat, yet it still tracks well. The high prismatic coefficient (0.55) should enable sit-and-switch paddlers to reach and hold a high cruising speed. The boats has enormous stability and a smooth motion in waves that should appeal top paddlers anticipating cruising on large lakes.

The Quetico in the photo above was built by Rob Haslam of Geraldton, Ontario. That's Rob in the stern and his friend Cheryl in the bow. This was the fourth canoe Rob built, and here's what he had to say about it. "Just got back from our trip...and the Quetico is superb. It is definitely my favorite tripper. It turns much faster that the Winisk but still retains great tracking...(and) this canoe looks pretty good too."

A joy to paddle, a Quetico in cedarstrip is a feast for the eyes as well!

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