Green Valley Boat Works

Builder's Notes:

How to Fitting the Stern Seat can be very tricky without this guide! New!

How to Repair the Hull after hitting rocks, or if you have a serious problem with the fiberglass layup.

How to install a Sliding Bow Seat.

Everything you wanted to know about Stems.

How to cut Bead & Cove Strips for the hull.

By popular request, here's a section on Staining the Hull.

The easy way to Fiberglass the inside of the hull.

Making Gunwales, including Martin's trademark inlays and wrap-around ends.

How to get a perfect coat of Varnish with only a foam brush.

The secret to Martin's "Hidden Hardware System".

The "No-Staple" method of strip building.

A very special removable Portage Yoke for a solo canoe. Not for the technically challenged! (New in November 2000.)

Canoe and kayak design articles by John Winters - for those of you who are interested in the science behind the art!

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